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A dynamic, simple solution for dust/liquid cleaning crews, the MAXXI range is economical not only to buy but also to run.

All models in the range have a simple washable filter and 35 or 75 liter bins… and the WD 7 models additionally have an integrated drain pipe with two motors especially in the WD 7 DUO models.

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MAXXI II 75 offers easy and efficient wet & dry use without filter changing. The unique dual filter makes it possible to clean both wet and dry applications without the need of changing filters. Thanks to MulitFit all MAXXI II tools are compatible with the ATTIX accessories.

The MAXXI II wet and dry vacuum cleaner presents a number of innovative design features making everyday operation and maintenance easy, ergonomic and more productive. By designing a special motor head, it has become easier and safer to operate the machine such as emptying the container. The container can be emptied either through tip and pour or by using the drain hose, without removing the motor head. When lifting the container it is advised to lift the container with one hand and hold the machine firmly with the other hand on the steel push handle. MAXXI II 75 is equipped with a stand alone trolley and is ideally suited for demanding jobs, especially in rough and wet environments such as building sites, light industry and for cleaning up after plumbers, electricians and other contractors.

  • Dual filter system to handle different substances without human intervention
  • Easy emptying (with motor head fitted)
  • Stainless steel tube
  • Intuitive single handed locking mechanisms
  • Wet mesh sack filter protecting the motor from foam ingress
  • Flexible and handy mounting of tools and accessories
  • Fixed steel push handle
  • Standard tipping mechanism
  • Transparent drain hose for indication of water level in the container
  • The containers can be easily lifted off the trolley for cleaning or maintenance
  • When tipping, the container pivots on the steel push handle
IP protection class IP24
Power Pmax 2500Watt
Dust bag capacity 44lt
Tank capacity 75lt
Vacuum 210/21 ΜΒΑR/KPA
Suction power end of tube 390Watt
Sound pressure level  (DB(A) BS 5415) 66
Airflow 4320 l/min
Weight 28 kg
Length x width x height 84cmΧ62cmΧ100cm